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MITSHUBISHI Ka-14 prototype 1/72 Fine Molds

October 24, 2014 in Aviation

Mitshubishi Ka-14 /prototip/

Kagamigahara test center
Januar/Maj 1935

Built from the box with some minor added details
painting with colors Gunze C 3,8,327,126,125.
All markings are painted.


8 additional images. Click to enlarge

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18 responses to MITSHUBISHI Ka-14 prototype 1/72 Fine Molds

  1. Great work on this little bird ! I thought, i knew japanese aircraft types, until now !Congratulations!

  2. Superb! Looks like a dive bomber?

  3. Very good rendition of a lesser known Japanese aircraft. I never knew the Japanese had developed a gull wing type. Wonder if it was influenced by the Stuka wing? Very good finsh on this one P.k.!!!

  4. Great looking finishes. I always like the Japanese prototype aircraft from the 30s

  5. For a rotary engine design this was a pretty graceful bird.
    Very attractive & well done.

  6. Little picture update : engine ,cockpit.

  7. Excellent job, sir…exquisite detail work. I would differ with the assumption re a dive bomber – there are no apparent provisions for underwing/centerline store(s). The remark about the Stuka wing makes sense – too early to copy the Corsair. That aside, a very nice little build and finish – but my eyes would hurt after trying something that small….:(

  8. Looks so sweet P.K. Lovely finish too.
    Well done sir.

  9. Great work in 1/72. I’ve never even come across this kit, looks like (yet) another to add to the stash…

  10. nice build P.K. – Fine molds does one in 1/48 that I have been eyeing. Very crisp build of a neat looking a/c.

  11. Hi P.K. Late joining in so can only agree with others’ comments. Very sharp looking plane. Thanks for the link to see that the “Claude” came from this design.

  12. Very neat work, P.K., when I first saw the headline picture I thought it was another of California Steve’s trick photographs!

  13. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the neatest looking airplanes ever built. Just love the shape and form, especially the gull wings, fixed landing gear and that funky rudder. Great job on the model, I am searching for the 1/48 version.

  14. Dammit that’s beautiful!

  15. P.K.,
    Outstanding job on this.

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