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P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback

October 11, 2014 in Aviation

The aircraft itself doesn’t need to be introduced in very detail. Big radial engine, 8 guns, superb speed and thoughness, this is the real workhorse designed to deal with heavy damage and spread a panic inside the enemy’s formation… Unlike the pilots, I personally prefer the Razorback version before the bubble as the more attractive one.

This excellent Tamiya kit in 1:72 scale was real fun to build. As all worries from getting parts together were away, I could focus my attention to final painting and weathering. I decided to use salt method to show a light wear of the surface. I also tried new method to get dirty cowling and fuselage as it can be found in many photos of almost all wardbirds. I simply used tamiya weathering set – black powder and my finger to make streaks (the surface was coated with lacquer before).
To improve the kit I just changed plastic guns to injection needles and plastic pitot tube also to injection needles made from two different diameters.

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20 responses to P-47D Thunderbolt Razorback

  1. An excellent rendition, Martin….I thought for sure it was a 48th scale kit when first I saw the photos (which are very good, by the way). I agree with your two opinions as well – I, too, prefer the razorback version from an aesthetic viewpoint and being a Tamiya kit – well… can’t go wrong there, either.
    Stellar workmanship in your detailing effort(s), sir. Beautiful job indeed.

  2. This kit in 1/72 is difficult to catch in detail. Nice work here.

  3. Beautiful Thunderbolt Martin, great finish, I think you got the panel lines and weathering just right. I’ve always loved the raw brute power of the Razorback but I must admit that for me, the Bubbletop P-47 is the most beautiful U.S. fighter of the war.

  4. You caught the Jug rather well in this scale Martin.
    Well done sir.

  5. Your P-47 rocks!! Well done!! The Razorback is also my firm favourite!

  6. Sterling effort, Martin. It’s hard to believe that it’s 1/72. Like Craig, I agree with you that the razorback is the more interesting looking variant, although not the best for checking six o’clock of course 😉

  7. An almost perfect presentation of a truly great WWII fighter.The 1/72 scale
    is not too easy to archive this ! A bubbletop would be very nice from you too.

  8. Great work, Martin!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  9. Great job Martin. Like Craig, I thought for sure this was 1/48 before reading your text. Very well done paint job, and I like the bazooka tubes! I can only hope I can do the same justice on a 1/48 razorback at some point.

  10. Very nice job on this Thund, bravo


  11. I am 1/72-only (well, almost…) and I know a masterpiece when I see it: that’s one absolutely great Thunderbolt! I like every aspect of it : weathering and how it conveys that detailed look that I always strive for, paintwork and choice of markings. Complimenting on the build is borderline to an insult considering the quality of the kit :-)!

    Regards Magnus

  12. Yes what a superb rendering of this classic; grasping that you did it in 1/72 scale is difficult for me – TERRIFIC and congratlation!

  13. Very nice job, on such a small scale!!!! NICE!!!!

    Best regards;

  14. Hello Martin….I want to echo what’s been said about your 1/72nd Razorback Thunderbolt build….Very nicely done….one of the best I’ve seen in that smaller scale. Absolutely beautiful.

  15. I’m not sure which version of this aircraft that I prefer, but this one really looks the business, especially so in 1/72.

  16. Thank you all! 🙂 I am starting new kit, which I look forward to more than one year – Warburton’s Martin Maryland model 167. I am really hungry for its heavy wear outlook and finally thanks to AK Interactive I have also the tool to do it properly.

  17. Very nice! Excellent finish, and tastefully weathered.

  18. Martin,
    Boated praise on your work ith his model.

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