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Revell (?) 1/32nd Spitfire

October 31, 2014 in Aviation

This is one of the first models I completed after getting back into the hobby some 15 years ago. The camo is painted free-hand (something I rarely do), but it turned out satisfactorily – at least for me. I’ve no idea which version/’mark’ this is, I just now noticed is has the squared-off or “clipped” wings, so I’m unsure if it fits the time period in question. Someone will set me straight, I’m sure. Thanks.

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14 responses to Revell (?) 1/32nd Spitfire

  1. Now that turned out great Craig. And the free hand paint work turned out XLNT! Nice modeling!
    California Steve

  2. What can I say. I am working on a 1/32 scale Beaufighter with unknown squadron lettering. I was thinking along with the roundel spelling out KAOS. The O being the roundel. But that might be a bit obvious.
    California Steve

  3. I think I agree with you that it is a Spitfire. Don’t ask me for anymore info. No matter what it is it looks great.

  4. Very nice, the paint is great. I recently got a Mark XIVe kit, this looks pretty similar, but not quite. I may have to come back and findthis when I get into that, its a great example!

  5. I think is that your Spit is a Hasegawa kit, not Revell, regardless its well done, nice job Craig.

  6. Hi Craig. I guess it is a clipped wing Spit Mk Vb. Good looking bird. Well done!!!

  7. Hi Craig a nice Spitfire and a great paint job ! Rick got it right with Hasegawa, Hasegawa still has a Spit Vb with clipped wings in 1/32.(Got one )
    Guessing a manufacturer is a funny game 🙂

  8. Whatever mark of Spitfire it is, Craig, it looks fine to me. Did you paint this when you were using an airbrush, or is it one of your rattlecan masterpieces?

  9. Excellent Craig. The camo is very good. Our friends are probably right about the manufacturer not being Revell. I dont remember a clipped wing release from Revell in all my years of modelling. But the new release from Revell is a must and cheap at the price with good detail if you want to do another spit.Thanks for sharing.

  10. Nice Spitfire Craig. Great job on the Camo, its very striking. That looks like a Vb (single cannon plus mgs). The nose art is “Figaro” from Walt Disney’s Pinnochio, which was the personal marking of BoB veteran Ian Gleed. Good work mate.

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