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1/48th scale Stuka (added pic)

November 2, 2014 in Aviation

I’m pretty sure this post from some time back meets the requirements for the group build. Although the colors may be incorrect (?), the airplane certainly played a role in the BoB. This was, I believe, an inexpensive Revell offering, but I tried to make it “presentable”. Thanks for your continued indulgence. I also added the 32nd Stuka which hung (past tense) in the model room for quite a while.

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7 responses to 1/48th scale Stuka (added pic)

  1. Nice one. Did the flaps come detached or did you cut them? Nate

  2. Hi Nate….what ya see is what I got. The kit wasn’t worth doin’ any “alterations”.

  3. Nice looking Stuka, Craig, I couldn’t comment on the colours, but, I’m colour blind anyway!

  4. Nice Stuka Craig, after seeing a lot of german wartime birds, i don t believe in textbook camo on german aircraft anymore. But typical was the lettering with two digits before and two behind the fuselage cross.
    Does this beauty still exist ?

  5. Nice one Craig, looks good for its age mate.

  6. Nice build Craig – is that perhaps an old Monogram kit? If it’s 1/48, I’m guessing Monogram (although possible Revell issued it after aquiring Mono?). I think Revell only did 1/72 and 1/32 versions of this one. Either way, looks good to me!

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