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Handley Page HP 42

November 1, 2014 in Aviation


I would like to share with you some photos of this Handley Page HP 42 model in 1/72 scale made by my father from the Contrail kit.

He spent a lot of hours during 45 days to complete it. I hope you like it.

Kind regards

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9 responses to Handley Page HP 42

  1. A great one ! looking very good, i like it a lot !

  2. Beautifully finished and photographed… always. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Fantastic Santiago , your father is a very talented man.
    Great pics as well.

  4. Very impressive. Great model of a great aircraft. Here is a big Wow!!
    California Steve

  5. I really like it Santiago, my compliments to your father,is this the same kit as the Airfix boxing ?

  6. Beautifully detailed, and the camo is nicely rendered. A great looking model in this scale.

  7. I am Raul, the father of Santiago, I did this model in fourty five days, old Contrail Kit in vacouform, a very hard work,

  8. Well done Raul. Beautiful craftsmanship.

  9. Terrific modelling, Raul, thanks to you and your son for posting it on iModeler.

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