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iModeler October Awards

November 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello, received yesterday my prize, including a very nice dedication, for the award, felt like birthday to me, Thanks Martin 🙂

A big THANK YOU, for the votings, for all the kind comments for my stuff, posted here on imodeler, i really appreciate this and it makes me really happy.

And another big thank you for all, we have become friends with.


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46 responses to iModeler October Awards

  1. Congratulations Bernd. The Javelin is a great prize!!! Enjoy it. Can’t wait to see it once finished!!!

    • Thank you very much, Morne.This was so long on top of my wish list. Its just like a dream.
      You will see it here on this side take shape.

      • It is by far one of the best Airfix kits. Good fit overall and excellent decals. Only thing you need is the Eduard cockpit set to round off an excellent kit. Hopefully Airfix will give us a Supermarine Scimitar soon!!! 🙂

        • Some nice pe in the cockpit is a good idea, made some research for goodies last evening.
          …….or a ….nice Sea Fury or a (you re right) a Scimitar.
          I am watching a build tread about the new Gnat in 1/48, looks good so far.

        • Congratulations! You will definitely enjoy this model. No fit issues and well engineered! A Scimitar would be awesome, but for now I’m happy they released a Gnat. That’s a neat little jet!

          • Hi Josh, sorry it seems i missed your post !
            Did you build the Javelin ? The Gnat will be in my stash at some time too, colorful trainer aircraft look really nice.
            Thank you very much 🙂

  2. Enjoy the build Bernd, I know you will give it justice.

  3. Well done, Bernd, looking forward to watching your progress with this kit. Is this your garden?

    • Hi George, thank you very much, you will see it here build. Thanks to the postal strike in South Africa, my first prize, the Spitfire is still untouched.
      Yes thats our garden, we were very busy yesterday, to get the fallen leafs from the grass.This backdrop are old rose bushes, our garden is full of roses.When they bloom in June, its a beautiful place

  4. Looking good, Bernd. Well done.

  5. I think your in for more than a few hours of enjoyment with this Bernd.

  6. Well that ought to keep you busy for a day or two .lol Cngratulations and enjoy.

  7. That’s great news Bernd. Well done and look forward to see this Javelin built.

    • Thank you very much Alastair, never thought about to win the award, while posting the Challenger.
      And you will see it here build once. Before i start a new bigger project, there must be some others finished.

  8. This is what I love about this site…is the promotion and recognition of people doing some great work. The Challenger tank has some spectacular scale weathering that is convincing and gives the illusion of a heavy tank. Add a photo of a match stick and the model becomes more convincing.

    Bernard, hats off for doing some inspirational modeling and Martin’s award is frosting on the cake. When ever I’m looking to do some specific project this site now has become a referencing site for finding those Goldie Locks builds and your name is on the list. Looking forward to seeing how that Javelin turns out. It ‘s on my bucket list of kits to do.

  9. Hi Stephen, thank you very much for your complement :-), i think Martins side is something very special and you find great modelling stuff here. So much that my priority list is changing all the time.
    The Javelin will be build here and i hope we see yours too.

  10. I see you’re letting your beard grow out (for the upcoming winter, I assume?) Surprisingly, it doesn’t appear to be all that cold there – yet. My wife would absolutely love to see that rose garden in full bloom. With all the well deserved comments already posted, I can only add my full agreement. AND more comments on the quality of the new-tooled Airfix kits…I’ll have to try one. Airfix was c**p a while back and one to stay away from. Things change. Wish Monogram hadn’t, though. 🙁

  11. Hi Craig, thank you very much ! A beard is perfect in all seasons, it protect you from the sunlight and cold weather as well 🙂 Anja like beards so its growing. We send you pictures with the roses, this year was bad, because too much rain.
    The new Airfix is a great surprise in the modelling world, but your are right, the Monogram team with the new techniques.That would be it!
    If you can, go for the the newer Airfix kits, maybe a big Typhoon ?


  12. you favor Russell crowe there…great prize well earned

  13. Congrats, Bernd, looks like you have yet another project to keep you busy!

  14. Congratulations Bernd! Enjoy! 🙂

  15. Congratulations once again mate! Looking at the standard of models being posted these days, winning model of the month is something special! Thoroughly deserved though, that Challenger was fantastic! I’m worried about following it with my one now! Whenever I get it finished that is anyway!

  16. Well done Bernd, enjoy your Javelin 🙂

  17. Thank you very much, P.k
    (whats the meaning of the slogon on your avatar ? )

  18. Congratulations mate. Well deserved. I got the random award, so feeling pretty awesome also. 🙂

  19. congrats dude, that looks like it will be a lot of fun! 🙂

  20. Thanks Ramon, if you like, you can watch the build. Its a very nice kit

  21. Congratulations Bernd; well deserved. You will love the Javelin; it’s a beautiful kit.

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