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It’s OK Hans….. Some are just longer than others….

November 27, 2014 in Armor

I couldn’t help but modify this Styer a little bit, Built for the mountains of Italy and those narrow switchback mountain passes. The last photos show some of the modifications,and how much I sectioned off the chassis. Maybe it’s my A.D.D. Haa Haa!! A little fun for the holidays.
California Steve

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21 responses to It’s OK Hans….. Some are just longer than others….

  1. What….no lights??!! Hot Rod Club, German style. You narrowed it as well, I assume?

    Cute title….I get it! 🙂

  2. Maybe it is a German version of an Austin Bantam or maybe a circus clown car?
    Well conceived and built whatever it is but I kinda agree with Craig, you have us expecting all the whistles & bells now.

  3. You could have at least done alttle somethin’ somethin’ with the wheels too…lol
    Great model Steve, excellent idea and execution.

  4. I like this one Steve!!! Your plastic surgery has turned this Steyr into something similar to a Volkswagen “Beetle”

  5. So, this pulls up in the center ring, with the top up, and 20 folks in Wehrmacht costumes get out……
    Yeah, I can see it! Lighthearted blitzkreig!
    Hmm, must be time for my meds.
    Steve, you are the man!

  6. Nice work Steve.
    Do you build any kits oob, or do you mod each one?
    Still looks great mate.

  7. Thats cool Steve ! They need those dices behind the windsceen 🙂

  8. You are right Bernd! I forgot the fuzzy dice! Wehrmacht says it is Verboten!!
    California Steve

  9. horrible looking little beast…the Germans had the coolest looking stuff but that ain’t one of them…reminds me of the Kurogane…very cool project

  10. Bob, now that cracks me up. I was in the entertainment industry for many years and was sitting at a table with some Warner Brothers record big wigs. They were discussing how and why the Alice Cooper band was signed. One of their scouts (they call them ears) said.”I have never seen a band clear a club faster! I knew there was something there”! So I like your response very much.
    California Steve

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