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Product news – 1/48 Henschel Hs 123 from GasPatch Models

November 12, 2014 in News

Founded in 2011, Gaspatch Models have already brought new quality in the area of 1/48 biplane modeling, first by introducing a novel rigging system (with cast functional anchoring points and turnbuckles in 1/48 and 1/32 scale), then with their first injection-moulded kit, a 1:48 Salmson 2A2 which offered some exquisite moldings comparable to larger WNW kits and a number of innovative features.

The second kit release from GasPatch will be a completely new-tool Henschel Hs 123 in 1/48 scale. According to the company representative, the tooling for the kit is all but complete now and the product should appear on the market early in 2015 – just a bit behind the previously announced plans.

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22 responses to Product news – 1/48 Henschel Hs 123 from GasPatch Models

  1. Definitely one for my collection!!! Eastern Front in winter camo please.

  2. Like it. I wonder how much this one will retail at??

  3. A voice inside me say the price will be deafening !

  4. I really felt for Gaspatch last year at Telford. They released a beautiful Salmson in 1/48 at the same time Wingnut Wings released the same type in 1/32. Guess who got all the attention….

  5. I’m unfamiliar with that manufacturer….any info on quality and/or fit?

  6. somebody finally did it…a new tool…they’ve been beating that older horse around for quite a while now

  7. Always good to see new 48th scale kits.

    One of these days …………?? I’m hoping!!


  8. Great news, a favourite subject indeed!
    Might have to pick one up at the Moson Show next year. 🙂

  9. Hi

    Our scedgule is for 2 versions A1 and B1 in different boxes ,of course early German and Spanish. Some very very interesting camo 🙂 as surprise !
    The Salmson price is 39,5 euro in our site.
    Thank you all for your kind words.



  10. I’m interested and I’m waiting I will do the colors of China


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