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2014 iModeler Yearbook (Video)

In 2014, our community continued to mature while we’ve been gradually improving the iModeler service and extending the network; and what an amazing 12 months it’s been as a result!

This video summary (best viewed in full-screen HD) contains but a small selection from over 1,000 modeling projects posted by iModeler members during the year, but hopefully gives a good picture of where we are as a community!

With best wishes of a Happy New Modeling Year.

15 responses to 2014 iModeler Yearbook (Video)

  1. Spectacular montage, Martin…an eclectic combination of exemplary builds submitted by [our] members. A great idea that should be compiled yearly.

  2. Very cool Martin, very cool indeed, well done, cant wait for 2015.

    Thanks mate.


  3. there is a lot of cool stuff in this video!

  4. And a Yearbook also?!!.. How cool is this. Thanks Martin.
    California Steve

  5. Hi Martin, thank you for a great year on iModeler, I enjoy every moment I look at it. Unfortunately the Great Chinese Firewall prevents me from enjoying your video! Nonetheless, let’s hope that the success story continues into 2015! Thanks again, George.

  6. A very unique idea. Imodeler leads the way!! Happy modeling to all iModelers in 2015!!!

  7. I’d forgotten some of these, but this timely reminder of some fine work brought everything back. Well done everyone, and thanks Martin for all your hard work promoting iModeler.

  8. Professional and well made presentation of great modelling.
    Very nice idea

  9. As the above comments.
    Thank you Martin for posting.

  10. Wow, we loved it!
    And a Happy New Year !!!

  11. Good job ! great video !
    and my Doobi is in ! lol i’m proud !

  12. What a great way to highlight the quality modelling that has been completed by members of the forum!

    Happy New Year!

  13. Congrats Martin! You’ve created a great community that I thin is a great asset to the modeling community. I can’t wait to see what is in store in the future.

  14. Thanks for putting this very nice showcase together. What a good looking bunch of work by such highly skilled people.

  15. That’s fantastic. Thank you so much for your sire, and for everyone here, coming together for our hobby. Happy new year everyone. 🙂

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