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Alpine-Renault A442B

December 16, 2014 in Automotive

and other old Tamiya kit ! french winner in 1978 at 24H of LeMans
paint with Tamiya acrylic..ans use Microsol for decal
the last pics show my little collection of LeMans winner…next the 911GT1

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14 responses to Alpine-Renault A442B

  1. Beautifully done Olivier. The skill you car guys show getting all those decals over compound curved surfaces without a flaw and keep them in alignment impresses the h€[[ out of me. Along with the fact you have to get it right the first time or “else”. Well done indeed.

  2. Turned out great Olivier. Looks like you had no issues with the quality of the decals. I’m impressed that the yellow did not bleed through the white.
    Your camera work really highlights your builds.
    Your getting quite a collection. Keep them coming.

  3. Yet another stellar example added to the stable…good work.

  4. These look great together. Nicely presented.

  5. Another nice racer from your bench. Your line up looks impressive !
    Well done

  6. Nice clean build, the styling looks like a “car of the future” collection.

  7. I’m loving these Le Mans cars, Olivier, do you have a favourite?

  8. Awesome collection of Le Mans beauties. Well done Olivier!!!

  9. Great build Olivier, you make them pretty quick mate.
    Grand collection of wheels there as well.

  10. love to take a hop in that…beautiful

  11. Great model and what a line up of the coolest race cars. Great job!
    California Steve

  12. Olivier, all I can say is, “sweeeet !”. Beautiful work !

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