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Another Porsche 956

December 1, 2014 in Automotive

Tamiya released a 956 in 1/24th with this livery but this isn’t it. This is a Starter full resin kit in 1/43rd with vacu-formed glass. Little over 4 inches long. The black & yellow colors are Model Master enamel & the white on the body & wheel covers is done with decals.
Wasn’t anything challenging to the build just had to be careful not to set anything on it. It liked to hide.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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15 responses to Another Porsche 956

  1. great finish al…and attention to detail

  2. Lovely build Al, I have got the 1/24 Tamiya one in the stash.
    Well done sir

  3. You’ve kept this one quiet. Very nice.

  4. Boy that is a “teenie tiny” one ain’t it. Way cool.

  5. Nice job in such a small-ish scale.

  6. Cool Porsche Al, it’s the first time I’ve seen this livery.

  7. Great looking model of a real beast. The sound this thing emitted was ungodly.

  8. Neat Porsche in this smal scale ! Looks very nice, the clean detailwork
    is stunning. ( and as usual very tempting )
    Well done Al 🙂

  9. Very nice Al, looks great.

  10. Good job with this small 956 !

  11. Superior workmanship on such a small subject!

  12. I am quite impressed with your manual dexterity to build something so small that looks so good –
    These racing Porsches to me seems like as close to a jet plane as a car can be.

  13. Thanks for all the positive comments guys. It is appreciated.

  14. Beautiful work, Al. It looks better than the real deal.

  15. Very good work, Al, the photographs are much larger than the model, but it still looks 100%, great stuff!

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