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Destination Unkown

December 11, 2014 in Sci-fi

This is the Pegasus 1/144 scale Luna Rocketship kit. I has 11 or 12 parts as I recall and no fit issues. I started this kit the same day as the Airfix Stuka I did for the BoB group build and had it built and primed in about a week. And there it sat, because I didn’t want another “boring silver rocket” on my shelf. After pitching out all sorts of plans to hang missile pods on it, I decided that the U.S. Air Force would take over the project and blast off into space hence the new owner.
The paint is Tamiya AS-12 Bare metal silver sprayed over Rust-oleum grey primer. The other colors are Testors enamels.
The decals are left overs from my Convair Atomic Bomber. Hey you can’t have a ’50s rocket without nukes right. 😉

P.S. The other “boring silver rocket” is the “Ark” from “When Worlds Collide”. At least it has a launch track.

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20 responses to Destination Unkown

  1. A unique and eye-catching addition to the shelf….nicely done and photographed, Rick.

  2. Man, you can’t beat a ’50s rocketship! Cool abounds here!! 🙂

  3. R.W the D.J. well Rocket Man of course.
    Nice paint work Rick.

  4. Definitely a pointy thing. Looks nice & smooth.
    Very slick.

  5. Good idea Rick. How come we never built real rockets that could land on their fins?

  6. A hell of a ride ! Nece and clean rocket Rick, looks great. 1950s scifi looks always futuristic

  7. a great addition to the site…love those two campy old movies

  8. Rick:
    I remember one low budget space film where the rocket pilot sat in an office chair!
    Recently I saw that 50s serial “Air Eaters from Mars”, and the Martian rocket had a B-25 turret on it! I think it’s on youtube. The one with the guy who had the rocket pack. Commander Cody. Woosh!
    I’m still waiting for mine. rats!

    • Hi Bernard, yeah “Sunrise Theater” on Saturday mornings was always good for some campy Scifi/ monster movie.
      I almost went that route with this one, it was going to be part of the “Lunar Defense Force” armed with a retracting rocket tray from a 1/48 scale F-86D, all kinds of silly stuff, but I got over that and went with just the decals to dress it up a bit.

  9. I love it! This looks like most of the spaceships I “invented/designed” back in the early 60s when I was a kid. (Undoubtedly done while in some boring class I SHOULD have been paying attention to!)
    Great fun!

  10. Thanks Jeffry, yeah being a kid in the ’60’s certainly was an experience. As the Chinese curse goes, we grew up during an “interesting time.”

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