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Italeri 1/72 MD-500 ” Defender” IDF 1980

December 26, 2014 in Aviation

It is built out of the box with a few additions to scratchbuild
Decals= Isra decal
Mdd MD-500 Defender of “Defender sqadron” Israeli ,Libanon border 1980/81.


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13 responses to Italeri 1/72 MD-500 ” Defender” IDF 1980

  1. A nice looking Defender P.K. Well done!!

  2. Great little chopper P.K.
    looks sweet.

  3. Would’ve liked more information on exactly what was so-called “out of the box” compared to a “few additional scratch built items” that were added – 🙁

    For instance, what are those pods on each side of the fuselage that look like engines from a 1/144th B-52 with sumthin’ stuck on the back of ’em?

    And that chin-mounted [swiveling?] appears more like an antenna that some sort of armament.

    A nice little build, but being unfamiliar with most helos, a little background would have been helpful. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Craig!
      this was armed with TOW missile launchers to fight anti-armor
      on the nose was a the laser Designator to locate target.
      is equipped with various antennas for communication and defense to the various wires and bumbs.

  4. Pretty well armed Defender P.k. Is this one of your more recent builds?

  5. Nice Heli P.K ! Armed to the teeth, from this decade ?

  6. Nice job P.k! I have a few IDF helos waiting in my stash. How did you tint the upper widows?

  7. Nice modeling P.K. I really like this one.
    California Steve

  8. Superb little fella! Love the green tint!

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