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My stash

December 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hi guys,

sorry been busy with A Level work – very tiring and boring
I almost forgot about this until the other day about showing what I got from Telford and my current stash.

From Telford there was the Eduard Spitfire, the Fiat G.50, the dragon figures and the Avro DH.9 Ambulance – never seen any of them. as well as weathering wash from Florymodels, fake snow and a detailing brush

The Panther was for my birthday

and the Fiat CR42 was from Black Friday XD

all very nice kits

5 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to My stash

  1. Some nice additions to the stash there 🙂

  2. Wow, Michael, a Roden DH9! You’re brave…..

  3. some fun future projects there! which one is up next ? 🙂

    • I’m currently building one of those Eduards Spitfires (really enjoying it) … but not sure which to do next? I like the CR42 – had to mend the engine covers because they snapped in post before I’ve started it – stupid royal mail!!

  4. Nice fishings, Michael, enjoy the builds of them

  5. Has anyone ever built one of the Roden DH family? I’m tempted by the Amurikan version.

    • hhhmmm … not sure to be honest? This DH.9 is very nice to be honest and best thing was half price! 🙂 The fabric effect is good and gives you a choice for plastic to build either the ambulence or the military one (although the instructions and decals/markings are for only one)

  6. Michael:
    Good luck on the A-levels.
    I asked about the DH ’cause I had the really old Aurora DH4 when I was young and had hair and inhibitions. I enjoyed it.
    The struts were like tree limbs, looking back, and the level of detail is nothing like what Rodens has, I’m sure.
    Anyhow, my vote is for the CR-42, there’s a lot of schemes for that other than Italian. I see one of them on yours is the Hungarian “V” insignia.
    Last of the fighting biplanes! Not to mention Gladiator, Avia 534, Swordfish….

    • Thanks about A-levels – they’re a common pain to stop me from the modelling.
      Yh, the Roden’s kit is so nicely detailed – never built a Roden kit before, when having a look inside the box I was surprised at the detail.
      I think I might move on to the CR42 when I’m “ready” XD There is in fact 4 Italian, 1 Belgian and the other Hungarian (don’t know which one to do??!!)

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