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Tamiya 48th F4U-1D

Practically fool-proof kit to build, as most of you know. However, I managed to fool ’em anyhow (I just ain’t tellin’ how or where). 🙁
As is my practice, the paint is rattle-can MM Intermediate Blue over Tamiya fine white primer. EZ line for the antenna wire (which by the way, I think is meant for 32nd scale, but I ran out of the thinner stuff), AND I actually got the national insignia on the correct wing surface(s) this time. 🙂
I had no canopy masks this go ’round, so I cheated (sorta). I had several left over masks – both Eduard and some vinyl sets from various other aircraft – so I scoured the remnants and found some that would work (with a little help). I just knew that if I tried using Tamiya yellow tape, I’d mess it up somewhere…no doubt in my mind.
One of the angled support inserts used to replicate the wing-fold version had broken and luckily I had a whole box of spare 48th scale Corsair parts and pieces. Now that I look at the photos, I think I may have the wrong replacement on the one side – it don’t look right somehow. Oh well…..this too can be fixed (the wings simply slide down onto the piece and aren’t glued on).

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32 responses to Tamiya 48th F4U-1D

  1. Nice clean build, Craig.

  2. Looks good Craig, beside some “glitches” you named.
    With some masking you should be able to get a perfect looking three tone camo on your builds using rattle cans.
    Got a bad record on my Tamiya Corsairs, the folded wings didn t last long.
    Got one “case” for re working on my bench.

  3. Craig:
    How many F4us have you got?
    Tamiya fine white primer, huh? Thanks for the tip. I’m gonna get me some!
    Nice job on this one, can we get a “family” photo?
    You could be the plastic Tommy Blackburn or something.

  4. Hello Craig…Always nice to see a bent wing bird. The Tamiya line of 1/48th Corsairs are fine kits and yours turned out nicely. One of fun things about building F4U’s is the wide variety of marking possibilities much like the Mustangs and Thunderbolts. I look forward to seeing your next build.

  5. Looks good Craig , as usual mate.
    The “King” of the “Rattle” can hit`s the mark again.
    Nice work mate.

  6. Very good looking Corsair!!! Well done Craig!!!

  7. Another beautiful model from you Craig. The finish looks really great to me.

  8. Gentlemen:
    May I ask a couple of questions about the wingfold on these?
    I sorta understand that the folded configuration is what it was designed for.
    That said, if I wanted mine “wings deployed/down”, do I leave the wingfold interior parts off, or leave them in?
    Craig, you didn’t glue the wings onto the upright gizmo, you just slotted them on? (I like that idea)
    All suggestions gratefully accepted.
    Also, Happy New Year!

    • This particular Tamiya kit includes two types of inserts, one for folded wings and one for extended. The instructions are clear as to which procedure(s) to follow during assembly. The straight support arms are for the ‘deployed’ version (which is bit tricky to align properly with the inboard joints of the wing assembly). The angled support arms are [naturally] for the folded option – which is actually easier to do. As noted, I did NOT glue the wings on and theoretically, can change the design at future date if desired by simply exchanging the angled support arms for the straight ones.

  9. Thanks, Craig!
    Thought the folded wings would be easier.
    I’ll try that first, and do the extended after I’ve got a proper feel for it.
    And two good suggestions in one posting! Keep up the good work!

  10. Nice finish to 2014 Craig. Very easy on the eyes.
    Are you running out of subjects yet?

  11. Cool beans there Craig! Very nice.
    And a Happy new Year to you!!

    California Steve

  12. I like it. I want to build a tamiya corsair some time. I always go with tamiya tape for masking. the precut ones are too expensive for a boy trying to earn money.

    • You’ll really enjoy that kit….great fit and details. I also use Tamiya tape for masking canopies (if I have to). I prefer it over any other method(s). Matter of fact, I’m having to use it on my current build – a 48th Hasegawa Mustang (at least that one’s pretty simple).

  13. Yet another Corsair from the Corsair master! This one looks fine, as usual, despite your glitches, and you’ve come up with a couple of helpful hints. Maybe I’ll try a Corsair in 2015, maybe!

    • Well thank you for the compliment, George, but I’m not a “master” by any stretch. One of our fellow members, Jim Sullivan is by far more knowledgeable when it comes to anything Corsair.
      When you DO go with the “bent-wing-bird”, be sure it’s a Tamiya kit, whether it be 48th or 32nd. Fantastic piece of engineering. Fit and detail is superb.

  14. A fine effort Craig. Nice to see one of the great fighters of all time being done justice.

  15. Nice result Craig. You deserve a beer me thinks!

    I’m envious of your prodigious output though!! 🙂

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