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1/35 FT-17

January 27, 2015 in Armor

Great kit from Meng!
“the world’s first modern tank.” Was the precursor for modern standard tank design–– crew compartment in the front, engine in the back, and main armament in a fully revolving turret on top.
Great kit from Meng!
On a personal note, this is my first project completed (although not started) in 2015–6 more to go.

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6 responses to 1/35 FT-17

  1. Dennis, a great looking tank and interesting weathering. I saw this kit too, and admired the in-box sprues but this is the first I’ve seen completed. The terrain feature is also a nice touch.

  2. Well done!
    Well built and a consistent balanced weathering job on top of that.
    Me like.

  3. The weathering treatment works well, Dennis, I especially like the finish on the tracks. It may well have been the precursor for modern tank design, but it’s tiny, particularly in comparison with modern tanks.

  4. Love those rust streaks Dennis. You really brought this kit to life with your weathering.

  5. Nice job on that, Dennis…detail/weathering looks great!

  6. Awesome weathering. The French had the vision to build modern tanks during the inter war years but they must count amongs the most ungainly looking military hardware of the period. Superb model. Well done!!!

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