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1/48th Canberra

January 17, 2015 in Aviation

This is an older build not previously posted (so old, in fact, I don’t remember the kit maker). I didn’t have a model of this particular aircraft, but I seemed to recall seeing one in this livery (attached pic). I’d done the B-57 version in NMF (see blog) so I wanted to do this a little differently. So after a gentle cleaning and UN-dusting, I took a few quick photos. It’s held up rather well – held up by fishing line, that is. 🙂
It’s completely OOB, spray painted and kit decals used exclusively.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge

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28 responses to 1/48th Canberra

  1. I wish you could remember who manufactured this kit as it looks really nice. The paintwork suits the Canberra’s lines, and your pictures illustrate this beautifully.

  2. Lovely finish on that Craig, great work mate! I have a 1/72 scale High Planes Canberra T Mk4 that I think you have inspired me to finish! Is it a Classic Airframes kit perhaps??

    • Thanks, Riccardo….I’m not sure (re: CA) – could be. A little investigative work should turn up who made 48th scale Canberras.

      • CA and Airfix are the only two I can think of. I’ve built Airfix’s B-57 and have a PR.9 started with a early fishbowl Canberra from CA. Neither seem like bad kits although I do like Airfix’s setup with the fuselage in two halves instead of four pieces like CA’s.
        I like the color scheme on yours. Is it an early pre production bird? In any case, the Canberra’s a pretty bird and the blue suits its lines nicely!

  3. She is beautiful Craig. The classic shape of the Canberra is well defined in this nice blue scheme. Well done !!

  4. that’s pretty glamorous there

  5. I know Airfix did one in this scale a few years ago. Sometimes referred to as ‘a jet Mosquito’, the only other thing I remember about it was that English Electric designed it and they’d never built an aircraft before.

    Yours looks great

  6. Hi Criag, Nice build, got to admit I do like the Cabberra in PRU blue.
    Keep up the good work pal.

  7. I think this build has got to be my favorite from all your postings. Good colors & great work on those wing decals.
    Airfix was the first to come to mind for me.

  8. Looks very nice in it`s PRU Blue Craig.
    I am with Al on this, I think it was Airfix too.

  9. Craig: I believe the prototype Canberra was painted overall blue. So was the Swift. Pretty!
    I vote for Airfix, if it was a Classic Airframes you’d remember it.

  10. Great looking Canberra Craig. Love the color. Well done.
    California Steve

  11. Hi Craig, your Canberra is a very nice one, clean build, great result !

  12. Beautiful work Craig. One of my favorites…

  13. Cool scheme Craig – I’m not a jet guy, but I like this one a bunch. Nice clean build with a really great color. Nice one.

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