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Airfix’s Brand-New 1/72 Dornier Do17Z

January 8, 2015 in Reviews

I’ve been looking at this kit for a while and managed to see it in a small model shop in town. Just thought I’d do an inbox review for everyone.

Although small it has plenty of nice detail

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18 responses to Airfix’s Brand-New 1/72 Dornier Do17Z

  1. Thanks for sharing Michael, it seems 2015 will be an Airfix year !

  2. Thanks Michael. I agree with Bernd. All their projected 2015 releases have got my interest.

  3. A very nicely detailed kit in 1/72 scale. Airfix is starting to catch up to Hasegawa/Tamiya in terms of quality and detail!!

  4. I just built one about 2 months ago, nice little kit. I agree with my friend Morne airfix is turning out some nice kits

  5. Thanks Michael, I’ve had one of these on order through my LHS for months, hopefully it will arrive soon. Meanwhile back to the Blenheim.

  6. Good to see some more good new Airfix kits (I just wish they would do something other than aircraft!).

  7. Not my scale but I agree some great detailing. I think Revell are going to release a 1/32 Dornier sometime, which should look nice with their Heinkel and Ju88.

  8. To tiny for me (at my age) but would love to build one in 1/32 from them or ROG. Looks like great detail though

  9. I think Airfix are coming back all right, with rumours that they may bring back the manufacturing to the U.K. but that is just rumours.

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