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F-105, F-101 & F-100 NMF’s

January 23, 2015 in Aviation

More of some older Monogram 1/48th scale “Century Series” NMF’s….this time a trifecta. Rescued (and, in some cases, repaired) from the “shelf of dust”. I was on a tear with my rattle cans of Model Master “Buffable Metalizer’s” a while back and these are [some] of the results. There are better examples of these to be found for sure, but I had fun buildin’ ’em the way I wanted to. And after all, ain’t that what this all about? Many of my other NMF builds can be seen here, along with a brief tutorial on my preferred method:

1/32 Trumpeter Mig-19

Monogram 1/48th B-58 Hustler

Revell 1/32 P-51 B/C

1/32 Czech Models T-33

Airfix 1/48 B-57 Intruder

“The Missle With a Man in it”

Soviet NMF Jets

NMF’s – the easy way….

21 additional images. Click to enlarge

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26 responses to F-105, F-101 & F-100 NMF’s

  1. Nice work! And I agree, enjoyment is what it is all about. The work I see here does inspire me though! I am working on the Century Series right now, hope to post soon!

  2. They all look equally awesome. I love those old Monogram models. They still build into spectacular models. Your approach to NMF is very easy. MM buffing and non-buffing metalizers is far cheaper than Allclad as well. Well done Craig.

  3. The master of NMF strikes again, outstanding clean builds. A good example, that Monagram kits are still great looking kits, in the hand of a good modeller.
    Well done Craig 🙂

  4. The king of MM metalizers strikes again! I could only hope to pull off an Alclad job even close to these Craig – really look good. making me rethink my aproach to NMF. I’ll have to give your method a try – it really comes out very nicely (at least it does in your hands!)

  5. Nice batch of NMF models, all well done but I especially liked the Voodoo. Keep up the fine work.

  6. Craig:
    Thanks for sharing your secrets, real down to earth tutorial.
    I’m torn as to which of this bunch is my favorite, actually, I like ’em all!
    That F-89 must have been a lot of fun, it’s HUGE, seems to me.
    Is there some way you could put a couple of them next to one another, for comparitive purposes? Say, Voodoo and F-84F? F-105 and F-84F(Family portrait)?
    Century series fighters are a favorite, as I came up during that time frame. I remember a photo showing one of all of the operational ones, in a circle, taken from above. All in NMF, before all this camouflage came in with V-N.
    Keep up the good work!

  7. Another good looking trio Craig. Especially the Voodoo.

  8. I’m not sure which is which but they all look good to me!

  9. A lovely collection there Craig.
    One to be proud of mate .
    Thanks for posting and the tutorial.

  10. Those are well finished models. Your NMF techniques deliver a very authentic look. Great job.

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