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F-12B ORANG “What-if”

January 27, 2015 in Aviation

F-12B-1-LO 62-12387 as an Oregon ANG “what-if” build. Build is based on a Testors YF-12A 48th kit modified to the proposed F-12B.

Lockheed proposed a follow on the the YF-12A that got no further than the drawing table, though a block of serial numbers was tentatively assigned before the project was terminated. Those drawings were my reference to change the nose to F-12B specs using sheet stock, RenShape and the obligatory putty. It is otherwise pretty much FTB.

The scheme follows that used by the Portland-based ORANG F-15s. The decals are mostly from the Caracal ANG F-15C Eagle Part 1 32003 sheet. I created the flight leader band and the serial number decals using PhotoShop and printed on clear decal sheet using an Epson ink jet printer.

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3 responses to F-12B ORANG “What-if”

  1. Thought it was a Blackbird at first glance. Nice back story.

  2. Thanks all for the kind words, much appreciated. I had a day free to post, now back to work for the next five weeks, so no time to post or follow. Frown# See ya’ll in five weeks!

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