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Hasegawa Harrier Plus

January 28, 2015 in Aviation

Hi guys, here is my latest work, Harrier Plus from Hasegawa.The model completed with Aires cockpit, Aires wheels bay, Eduard PE.All comments are welcomed.

PS: In case you wonder, the fit of Aires cockpit is ok but not for the front wheelbays.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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12 responses to Hasegawa Harrier Plus

  1. A real stunning build (again). Adding resin stuff into a build can be a challenge. Your added FOD looks very nice as the added “remove before flight” flags,

  2. A very nice looking Harrier!!! I like the dirty look you gave this Marine bird. Good weathering overall. Streaking over the wings look very realistic. A real mudmover. Well done!!!

  3. Looks great Nguyen, up to your standard mate.
    Well done sir.

  4. Very nice – like the paint and weathering very much. Did you make the intake covers from scratch? they look first-rate as well. Nice one!

  5. I’m assuming 1/48? An excellent presentation.

  6. Another pretty good job of weathering and detailing, Nguyen, but intake covers look a little ‘funky’ – what did you use… tissue, tin foil, what?

  7. Awesome mate! Seriously good! This is my favourite aircraft of all time. Lovely build and fantastic weathering!

  8. Excellent build – love the weathering/wash. Did you use oils for the streaky look?

  9. Hello Nguyen,
    It looks like the real thing. Well done.

  10. Another beautifully finished model from you, Nguyen, I wish you could tell us how you achieve such a realistic look.

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