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Makin’ tracks

January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

Ok another bad pun! Well the two track runs are done, for those who are interested 82 links per side, though I may add 1 more per side and take up slack by moving the idler wheel. Also I have included is the 3 bottles of brew needed to get this far and stay sane! Old Knucklehead 9% a little sweet for me, more of a barley wine than an actual beer. The Double Bastard at 11% was a tad strong even for me, but very tasty! And the Irish Death 7.8% one of my favorites, though don’t drink too many or it lives up to it’s name!

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14 responses to Makin’ tracks

  1. That’s gonna be a beauty when it’s all done, Rob…..lotsa work involved.
    And funny how I never see those brands at my local liquor store. 🙂

  2. LOL, well Knucklehead from Bridgeport is out of Portland Oregon, Double Bastard is from Stone out of San Diego, and Irish Death is from Iron Horse out of Ellensburg, Washington.

    • I guess that explains it….are those what’s called “micro-brewery’s” with a limited distribution? I know a few years back when we went to Alaska, we got some local beer called “Moose Drool”.

      • …are you old enough to even drink Craig? There’s a rumor doin’ the rounds that just maybe you ain’t! 🙂

        PS: Yes, they’re micro-breweries and they’ll all the rage around the globe…including Oz. And there should be more of them. Yep, I’m a dinky-di beer drinker too!

  3. Nice work, this will be a stunning kit, Cheers !

  4. If you make metal links again you might try staples instead of the supplied wire.
    Either way very tedious.

  5. I may have to try that next time Al, seems like it might be easier than the wire.

  6. Talking of making tracks, this product from Masterclub looks promising. I just hope they’ve done their testing as we all know how brittle resin an be.

  7. Apologies Rob, your project is looking great and I’m impressed with your ‘metal’ work. I know how fiddly this stuff can be.

  8. No apologies necessary Nick. Those Masterclub tracks look promising. Did a quick conversion of the estimated price from Euros to dollars and they are competitive if not even a bit less expensive than Fruils. I love the fact they come with pins!

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