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Master Box 1/32 RAF pilots.

January 4, 2015 in Aviation

Hi Folks,
After my uploading my photo’s of my Revell Spitfire (thank you for your nice reply’s by the way) I decided to do a small diorama I had the Master Box RAF pilots set so decided to put these together and was very pleasantly surprised with the result, the sculpting was very good and so was the moulding.
Just a couple of pics to show everyone. When I’ve finished the dio I will upload some pics for everyone.
Thanks for looking and Happy New Year to all our members.
Regards Steve N.

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11 responses to Master Box 1/32 RAF pilots.

  1. They all must be scared to death….they’re a so very pale-looking lot. :):)

    • Seriously, I look forward to seeing them painted and posed in the diorama. I can’t paint figures hardly at ALL. 🙁

      • Hi Craig, sorry I forgot to reply before we’ll call it a senior moment. I have to admit painting figures is not my favourite thing either but I’ll have a go but for the price I think the Master Box figures are great value for money and they are beautifully sculpted and should go well with the diorama I’m trying to hack together.
        Regards, Steve N.

  2. Lovely figures, they will look great painted and next to your Spitfire.
    Fighter pilots “speak” with their hands !

    • Hi Bernd, good to hear from you again. What I liked about these figures is they are well sculpted, go together well and only cost £9.99 Stirling which I think is great value.

      Regards Steve.

      • The price sounds very good and they look very nice, planning a small diorama for my (Franken)Spitfire Mk.IX 1/48 build here on iModeler.
        Got the Revell “ground set” (?) with a RAF starter card and looking for some figures, maybe i got them right and worthy to show here

  3. Classic poses and with their best friend as well.
    Looks a nice set Steve.

  4. Happy New Year to you, too, Steve! The figures look very good, but I’m sure I’ve seen that dog somewhere before on iModeler…………

  5. I purchased this figure set when it was first released primarily because I needed a 1/32 dog to complete a little Spitfire project that I had started. However,I have assembled the figures to use in my Hurricane diorama (when I get it finished, that is). These figures are extremely well detailed with amazing facial expressions and are just as good as the resin figures from Ultracast or MDC. Best part is,you get three figures for the price of one Ultracast or MDC figure. I wish Master Box would do some RAF mechanics and such. By the way, Humbrol 96 or Model Master “Intermediate Blue” are a very nice match for the RAF uniform blue-gray.

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