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Matchbox (now Revell) 1/72 Twin Otter

January 1, 2015 in Aviation

I built this one several years ago, and was very pleased when it was re-released. It’s a nice, little kit, with plenty of options. Long nose (shown), short nose, wheels, ski’s, and floats. Being Matchbox (or ex-Matchbox/Revell), most of you know what to expect as far as panel lines/ detail goes. It makes into a decent model, but there’s plenty of room for more of everything. I think it fills a small gap in the much needed category of 1/72 small civilian transports/bush aircraft. Some 1/72 commuter jets would be nice too…. Just sayin’ .

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10 responses to Matchbox (now Revell) 1/72 Twin Otter

  1. Nice build with an interesting color scheme Joe.
    Do some more. I just ordered that new ICM Beech 18 in 1/48th scale. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  2. Sorry Al, I forgot to mention the “home grown”, whiffie scheme. After the OV-10D, I fell in love with that scheme for a while. I’ll be looking forward to the Beech.

  3. Nice to see you back on iModeler, Joe…was wonderin’ where ya been. Nice job on that camo scheme, too.

  4. Thanks Craig. Glad to be back. You know how it goes, life happens ! Now, if only I can get back to the bench and finish something…..

  5. Nice build, Revell has re released it again.
    Happy new year Joe

  6. Very nice looking Otter. I like the camo scheme. Happy modeling in 2015!

  7. It’s a brave man who tackles a Matchbox re-release; a very respectable job here, Joe. I did the Matchbox/Revell Stranraer sometime back and felt like I’d been pulled through a thorny hedge by the time it was done….

  8. Nice build Joe, good to see you popping in.
    Well done mate.

  9. owww nice…i jumped out of one of those 20 years ago

  10. I remember the original Matchbox kit, Joe, not that I every bought one. You’ve made a typically good job of this, and it’s good to see you back!

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