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Monogram 48th F-15C Eagle

This is the old boxing (1987 molds) of the venerable Eagle. It has it’s pros and cons, but overall, a decent example. I’ve seen better builds of this kit, but this is what I came up with. I fashioned the splinter camo scheme ala Keith Ferris, and although not an exact representation, I was satisfied with the result(s). The kits’ decals had that white pasty stuff you find on the back of some sheets – after water immersion, one has to turn the decal upside down and clean it off prior to application – I’m sure some of you know of which I speak. I didn’t use but a couple of them. I did use, however, an aftermarket decal sheet that had extensive stenciling for this aircraft. I started to see spots after a while and stopped puttin’ ’em on (you can’t make out what they say anyway). My display space is becoming way too crowded and I find I’m going to have to do some major “house cleaning”….soon. I may even find another candidate for that type of camo scheme – at least one really can’t do it “incorrectly”. I have an F-4C coming soon – seein’s how I got a Navy/Marine & SEA version done, perhaps I’ll try this paint scheme on the Phantom.

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40 responses to Monogram 48th F-15C Eagle

  1. Very sharp build Craig. Looks like this one just about filled your photo booth.

  2. Hello Craig…Very nice work on that Monogram F-15 Eagle. Neat and eye-catching paint scheme for sure. That’s going to look mighty fine on your modeling shelves.Those old Monogram kits are still quite nice and fun to work with.

  3. Thanks Craig for the trip down memory lane!! I built this kit in 1998. Not as detailed as the Tamigawa offerings but still a very good kit with nice detail. Love the Ferris camo!!! Well done!!!

  4. Apart from the raised detailing, still one of the best Eagles out there, and certainly less expensive than the Hasegawas. I haven’t seen the Academy ones, nor the Great Wall recent stuff.
    Modeling that won’t break the bank
    Originally this was an A, then they upgraded it, I think without the tailfeathers on the exhaust cones.
    Love that Ferris scheme!

  5. Very nice Eagle, Craig. Camo looks great. I’ve built the Academy Mudhen but not the “C” and it was a highly detailed kit. 1/48 is a good scale for this jet – plenty of impact and detail without overwhelming the display space.

  6. nice build Craig, like the camo.

  7. I do like that Camo, i have a 1/32 Tamiya kit that would look great like that.

    Nice work.


  8. Looks good to me Craig, like the camo scheme.
    The Rattle can master at work,
    Nice one mate.

  9. That’s a beautiful build Craig! It doesn’t have to be the most modern kit available to get a pleasing result!

    The Ferris-scheme is cool!



  10. An especially good paint job on this one, Craig, it really looks the part. You obviously know how to get the best out of these Monogram kits.

  11. As Simon said, the Rattle can master at work, beautiful Eagle, Craig.
    Neat paint scheme, looks very nice and well done 🙂

  12. Great looking F-15 Craig, really like the Ferris Camo. Still hard to beat the old Monogram kits for accuracy and detail. The raised panel lines drive some folks crazy but that’s never been a deal breaker for me.

  13. good looking model…that side seam can cause some pain but the outline is terrific

  14. Nice mate. This is more my type of thing. Nice and modern!
    Awesome camo scheme!

  15. Nice build Craig. I build in 1/72 scale and am wondering what that scheme would look like.

  16. Nice work Craig, that camo scheme really nailed it,well done.

  17. This is my favorite Craig. What a great job you did with this. I think I like everything about it!

    California Steve

  18. Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond. I also want to thank you all for the positive comments and feedback.

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