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Ransart 2015

January 25, 2015 in Show Reports

Show on Belgium at 24 25 january 2015

30 additional images. Click to enlarge

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11 responses to Ransart 2015

  1. Some mighty fine work there,,,,that Mig-15 and Me-262 caught MY eye.

  2. Great talent on show!! Like the Flanker!!!

  3. Thanks for the great pictures Olivier. Is the yellow & red Porsche 1/43rd? Where was the show held? Is Ransart the name of a town?

  4. Some very fine models of all types here.
    Or almost all types.
    Were there no ships?

  5. Some interesting models here. Nice to see a few figures here.

  6. Some very classy work displayed there Olivier.
    Thanks for posting the pics.

  7. very nice…would have liked to have seen more of the USN phantom…the Cossack/ partisan/ fisherman bust is exceptional

  8. Some lovely models there, Olivier, thanks for sharing. The 917 really stands out, and I also like the Peugeot, is it the Heller kit do you know?

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