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Swiss Air Force

January 31, 2015 in Aviation

Model: D – 3800 Morane – Saulnier MS – 406 C – 1
Kit: Azur 1:32.

11 additional images. Click to enlarge

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8 responses to Swiss Air Force

  1. Well-done, Hans. Super fit & finish.

  2. Superb. It looks very nice in Swiss markings! Ausgezeichnet Hans Peter.

  3. Beautiful build, Hans Peter. The Morane is not so often see build. Looks great

  4. Hans, thanks for posting this, there’s “something” about the Morane. Transitional fighter, part fabric covered, part metal. Different systems for the internal equipment, so that sometimes ( I remember reading someplace) the gear or flaps would function without any action by the pilot, and the guns might fire, as well. Probably kept the pilot on his toes.
    Love the air-to-air photo. Good to see Swiss markings, too.
    Good job, captures the original very well.

  5. Nicely finished and photographed, Hans….excellent work.

  6. As above, a nicely built and finished plane.
    Nice pics as well.

  7. Really a quite horrible aircraft but I have always loved it anyway! Another one of those aircraft with one leg in the future and another in the past, a bit like the Hurricane. Nicely done!

    Best regards


  8. Always good to see something a little different, Hans, and this is particularly well built, finished and photographed.

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