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Vote for the next kit!

January 24, 2015 in Aviation

Don’t wont to sound awkward guys but I need help deciding which kit to build next and I’d thought you guys might help me
Vote for either
A – Airfix’s new 1/72 Dornier Do17z
B – Italeri’s 1/48 Fiat Cr42

The Eduard Spitfire is now complete so I’ll upload those soon when a few more pic’s have been taken and also the I-16 is coming along nicely (want to thank Bernd for the advice on the door), the video above is an January update describing an update (of course) and the two kits

Thanks for voting

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19 responses to Vote for the next kit!

  1. Think I’d go with the Do17z.

  2. Thats a hard choice Michael, the Fiat biplane with the Regia Aeronautica camo will be very attractice in your display cabinet and its a good follow on after the Spit and the I-16.
    Have the same kit as the Luftwaffe version but bought Sky decals for it, don t know why i didn t build it so far.
    The Do 17 is very tempting i guess, maybe its wise to wait for some aftermaket goodies for it. My masking sucks, so i will go with Eduard masks and maybe some pe for it.
    So after all the rambling i would do the Cr.42

  3. I agree with Bernd. The Fiat would look nice!!

  4. Hi, my vote: go for Do17 – two reasons: I’m into 1:72 and I love this aircraft 🙂 But if Fiat wins, I’ll be still very excited to see your build.

  5. Mike:
    I vote for the Fiat! Lots of marking choices!

  6. Whichever one is chosen you have got some good kits there.
    I say the Dornier.

  7. Let’s see. A 1/72 kit with tiny parts and a lot of glass to mask, or a 1/48 kit with mottled camouflage and rigging. Hmmm. Go for the FIAT! (Although I’m partial as I own an X 1/9 and am finishing up a G.91 Gina!)

  8. The DO17z because they recently found one off the English coast.

  9. I’m a 1/72-only guy, so…

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