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1/32 Trumpeter. Mig-23 MLA

February 9, 2015 in Aviation

Mig-23 MLA. red 39.
corps of Moscov air defence.(28 th.guard fighter regiment ) 1983.

34 additional images. Click to enlarge

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16 responses to 1/32 Trumpeter. Mig-23 MLA

  1. Exquisite detail work, sir – especially evident in those wheel-bay photos. Outstanding build – must be a monster in that scale.

  2. Absolutely first class build. May not be the prettiest subject ever as a jet design, but the modelling skills you’ve applied to it are second to none and bring out the most in the kit.

  3. Very impressive build, excellent job! The only thing I can suggest is to make photos using a good background.

  4. Very crisp finish – great work. That looks like a real beast of a plane. Great work on it!

  5. Seriously big plastic. Very good rendition of a true Soviet classic!! Well done!!!

  6. Now that is why I try to stay away from 32nd scale because that is the kind of detail work it takes to end up with a magnificent result such as yours. Well done Millo.

  7. That is an awesome model! I’ve been following your work in progress on it and the level of detail is phenomenal!

  8. Big plastic definitely lends itself to great detail work, which you’ve done an admirable job with! But the storage space….! My 1/72 MiG doesn’t present the palette for that kind of work! (or at least my eyes no longer allow it…)

  9. Lovely work MIllo, the above words say it for me.

  10. I’ve been following the WIP as well, and it’s turned out even better than expected, great job, Millo.

  11. Very nice, like the oil streaking weathering,nicely done.

  12. Outstanding Flogger, Millo.

  13. Thank mates, for the nice comments !! 🙂

  14. Milo,

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