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1/48 Minicraft F-5E Lightning

February 25, 2015 in Aviation

So a co-worker throws this kit on my desk and states I hear you build models, got this for $10 so have some fun. Well who wouldn’t want to build one of the most successful reconnaissance aircraft from WWII, and besides I like P-38’s. Little did I know what a challenge this would be, as on two occasions it almost went into the trash can. I did add a True Details cockpit and wheels as the supplied kit items lent a lot to the imagination. Lots of flash, panel lines that were almost a suggestion, and parts that required lots of sanding, putty and fiddling. It wont win any prizes but it’s done, and from 3 feet it looks pretty good. Used Model Master Intermediate Blue from a rattle can, some Tamyia paints as well, and nylon thread for the antenna. Used the kit decals and some after market ones to jazz it up a bit

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16 responses to 1/48 Minicraft F-5E Lightning

  1. Tom,

    Well I’m glad you did not throw it in the trash. It is very very nicely done. I like the scheme. I have built a number of Minicraft P-38’s and I think they are excellent kits. You did a great job on this.

  2. The closeups look good to excellent to me,that’s not a three footer at all.

  3. You’ve made a great job of this ten dollar kit, Tom, all the trouble you took was really worthwhile.

  4. Yep….good-lookin’ build, Tom….like that blue.

  5. A very nice looking F-5. I like the colour scheme. During the war some of these recce Lightnings received an attractive haze blue scheme. Well done!!!

  6. Its great to see a recce Lightning, well done 🙂

  7. From a trash master to a gem , not bad not bad at all .

  8. Like it! 38’s are just nice looking birds, in whatever livery.

  9. Good work in spite of issues you mentioned.

  10. Yeah, love it. Great to see a P38.

  11. My Dad was a crew chief on these aircraft in WWII in North Africa. I like the unusual paint scheme, makes it a different looking aircraft from the NMF.

  12. Absolutely fantastic. Specially the cockpit detail and safety belts.Well done.

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