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1/72 Harvard Mk 4 “Goldilocks” Display Team, RCAF

February 5, 2015 in Aviation

This started as way to turn an old “dog” Testor T-6 kit into something pleasing to the eye – I secured a set of Leading Edge decals for a colorful Harvard. Opened up the Testor kit, saw NOTHING in the cockpit and was planning on some scratchbuilding (of which I am not overly proficient), and then discovered the kit was missing the canopy (I’m a s****r for rescuing old kits from ebay!).

So – found an Academy kit on ebay, with nice interior detail, and the proper model to mirror the subject. Built up nicely, but since I don’t airbrush, the rattle can yellow paint job was trying. I’m ok with the final product even though up close the topside paint shows a little orange peel effect. I did scratch build the exhaust and the line from the cockpit to the exhaust for the smoke.

(And yes – before someone mentions it – I know I got the wing walk decals on backwards. There was an extra pic on the decal instructions that tripped me up before I caught my mistake! Mark up another one to trying to finish in time to take to the club meeting and not being careful enough!)

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13 responses to 1/72 Harvard Mk 4 “Goldilocks” Display Team, RCAF

  1. A very nice looking Harvard. The colour scheme looks awesome. Well done!!!

  2. I agree with Morne, excellent Harvard, well done!

  3. A tricky build that turned out well enough I think….I like the base. 🙂

  4. Nice work on a real basic kit. You should have included the “Buddah” pilot/student figures, provided they still have them with the kit.
    I always wondered about the paint colors on Canadian planes in general, and the Harvard in particular. Yellow what?
    I’m sure there’s a Canadian standard, wondering if it “translates” into FSNs or my fall back standard, TLAR AKA SWAG.

  5. Looks good Greg;did the same kit myself. And to answer Bernard’s question, the color used was 5-2 505 101 yellow, which had a 1-GP-12 classification. It’s very close, if not a dead match to FS13538. This color was/is standard for Canadian training aircraft, as well as SAR aircraft, such as the CH113 Labrador.

  6. The Harvard was quite small, so this can’t be very big in 1/72 scale, good work, Greg.

  7. Phil:
    That the “peas & Carrots”? Me, too. Missed it, or wasn’t aware of it when the sheet was out. Typical.

    • “tiz true my son. I missed the LE set by about two months. Not that those big water bombers don’t look bad finished in sunflower and red. I just happened to see one in action in NL a while back. When I saw the decal sheet I thought “C**P” !!

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