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1/72 Vickers Varsity

February 19, 2015 in Aviation

This is my Aeroclub vac form model of the Vickers Varsity, “Flying Pig” as some affectionately called it in the RAF

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16 responses to 1/72 Vickers Varsity

  1. That’s a lovely model that captures the look of the aircraft perfectly, especially around the cockpit area.
    An ex-RAF crew chief who worked on them told me they used to call them “the last of the V-bombers” because they were used as extra attacking aircraft in exercises!!!

  2. Another very good model, love the interior!

  3. A fine build of an unusual type.

  4. Outstanding job, Kevin….well done!

  5. Even better than the Dove! Which is saying something.
    Brabazon next?

  6. Really nice work. Good to find someone not intimidated by vacuforms.

  7. Damn fine build there Kevin.
    Well done sir.

  8. It’s just so neat, Kevin,a real treat to look at.

  9. Wow, amazing work on a vac-formed kit, very impressed!

  10. Flawless and perfect build. This type is a rare sight.

  11. Your vac forms are works of art. You must have the patience of a saint & the skill too! I noticed the interior & the inside surfaces of the flaps; amazing!

  12. Thanks for your kind words, vacform modelling is not for everyone but does give satisfaction, plus some aircraft are only found as a vacform, but I think it’s worth having a go

  13. Kevin,
    I really admire your skill with these kits. Unbelievable

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