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Accurate Miniatures Corvette Grand Sport (Revell Boxing)

This is a model of one of the Corvette Grand Sports raced at the 1964 Sebring 12 hours. The parts are classic Accurate Miniatures with typical Revell decals. Although the kit has a reputation of being over-engineered I found no particular issues The paint was Tamiya metallic blue with a Future clear coat. Decals were applied and another two coats of Future applied to seal them.

The most challenging part of the build was setting up the photo etched parts for the various hood vents. The rails that make up the chassis need to be filled so I used plastic rod and some putty to smooth the gaps.

I would recommend this model to to anyone with some moderate experience. The result you see is completely from the Revell boxing. The addition of spark plug wires and carburetor would dress it up just a bit.

The actual race car has been restored and a great picture can be found at Unlike the 1964 version the restored car has a radio antenna and a Go Pro camera.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge.

9 responses to Accurate Miniatures Corvette Grand Sport (Revell Boxing)

  1. Sharp-lookin’ build, sir….the “Sting-Ray” was always a favorite.

  2. that’s beautiful…you really studied that subject…you knew what you were looking for

  3. Thanks! Sting-Rays are cool and the 1960s were dangerous times. I think I enjoy diving into the history almost as much as building the model.

  4. You’ve done a lovely job on this Corvette, Wayne, I especially like the finish, that blue looks just right. I assume it’s 1/24?

  5. Wayne you did an AWESOME job on this piece of pure American muscle. Well done!!!

  6. George and Morne, thanks for the notes. The model is 1/24 scale and has a lot of detail for that size. Corvettes of that era certainly had a lot of muscle, too bad Chevrolet declined to produce the Grand Sport in greater numbers. Instead it was the Shelby Cobra to win America’s first international sports car championship.

  7. Sweet! I so admire folks who can build cars. I try, but with one or two exceptions fall well short. This one here is a beauty!

    • Thanks! Cars are a different genre. The paint is supposed to be smooth and the models are so much more compact than airplanes. What amazes me are the people who do the deep metallic finishes and completely wire the engine bay. I’ll put one of my planes up before too long.

  8. Wayne,
    Great model.

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