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Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 (Early) – Wingnut Wings

February 10, 2015 in Aviation

Gentlemen, just look upon this as me trying to get up enough courage to one day attempt the mighty Felixstowe F.2a from Wingnut Wings.

The subject is, of course, one of Wingnut’s new offerings of late last year: the Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 (Early). As you would expect, this is another superb offering from across the Tasman Sea, and a real joy to build.

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18 responses to Hansa-Brandenburg W.12 (Early) – Wingnut Wings

  1. Another beauty. I’m going to have to get one.

    I take it you are deep into the Kinetic Mirage IIIO now?

  2. Superb!!!!!! WNW is at the forefront of WW 1 kits. Wonder if they would release the monster size Staaken. Magnificent model. Well done!!!

  3. As is apparent, WNW kits are an engineering “cut above” in the model world, and your build is certainly no exception. An outstanding build, my friend. I only wish that they’d ‘expand their horizons’ and produce something other than WWI examples (which is NOT my forte). I’d certainly like to try one of their kits, but not one with an upper and lower wing, struts and rigging. 🙁

    • try the Fokker DVII Craig – almost NO rigging. It does have an upper and lower wing (and struts), but WNW makes it a very easy attachment. The Fokker monoplane has much more rigging. Or try the big ol’ Junkers J.1 – again, NO rigging. I HIGHLY recommend one, although WNW kits are addicting 🙂

  4. Awesome, I have this kit in the stash, but I haven’t yet taken the plunge on the big Felixstowe – although I really want a W.29 so I may have to get the dualists kit.

  5. Really nice Brick! Love the way you have finished it.


  6. Excellent work – I am just starting in on one of these myself – have the cockpit done. Your overall finish is fantastic – love the weathering. I hope mine will turn out 1/2 as nice. Thanks for posting some great inspiration!

  7. Great looking build. You’ve managed to pick out a lot of nuances that add to the general look of the model.

  8. That propeller makes the plane “pop”, just a great job.

  9. K.J., that’s a really marvellous model. The finish looks perfect. Brilliant modelling.

  10. Amazing model! Stunning attention to detail!

  11. That looks really good, K.J., beautiful finish, you must be responsible for a sizeble proportion of WNW’s sales!

  12. K.J.,
    Excellent workmanship

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