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Zvezda 1/72 ИСУ-152

February 13, 2015 in Armor

Hello everyone! Represent the latest model of the stars, it’s self-propelled artillery systems ISU-152. Going to click, as promised in the instructions))). The model is good, highly recommend.

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13 responses to Zvezda 1/72 ИСУ-152

  1. Nicely done, sir….what did you use for the snow effect?

  2. Very nice model! Snow looks great!

  3. Nice work. I did the Bronco 1/35 version and found the model lent itself very well to this type of finish – seems the rougher the effects the better the model looks!

  4. Nicely built and finished Maxim.
    I like the snow effect.

  5. Really good and well presented, what about adding a load of tank riders to that huge rear deck?

  6. Stunning! It’s like looking at a photograph. It would make a good Xmas card!

  7. Stunning build with a great and realistic diorama, well done.
    The winter camo is really impressive, it seems the Zvezda kits are very nice, i heard only good things from them

  8. Nice realistic diorama, great weathering.

  9. Very good snow effect, Maxim, and a neat build, especially in this scale.

  10. Very very cool! Snow effects are awesome, however, this beautiful model deserves a bit larger base – sort of diorama 🙂 All in all, impressive.

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