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1/144th Airbus A340-600 ‘Thai’

March 10, 2015 in Aviation

This is the Revell A340-300 kit converted to a A340-600 using the Braz conversion. I’d heard horror stories about serious fit issues, but this is the second one I have completed (with a third in the stash) and encountered very few problems on both builds.

The trickiest part was ensuring the Braz fuselage plugs and Revell fuselage met perfectly, and with this done the rest of the build was very straightforward.

It certainly is a very graceful aircraft, and makes a lovely addition to my airliner fleet.

The previously mentioned conversion remaining in my stash will one day become a -500 series so I will eventually every Airbus aircraft in miniature form.


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6 responses to 1/144th Airbus A340-600 ‘Thai’

  1. Great job Thomas.
    Well built and a good paint job.
    You hit the sheen just right.

  2. Again a beautiful airliner. These kits and the aftermarket industry are a scene in its own right.
    Currently i am exploring this theme a bit and hope, to present something from my bench at some time.
    Very tempting.

  3. Thomas,
    Absolutely gorgeous build. Building airliners is skill in its own. You have captured that skill

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