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1/144th Boeing 777-306ER ‘KLM’

March 10, 2015 in Aviation

This is the Minicraft Boeing 777-200 which I have converted to the -300ER using Braz and Contrails’ parts. Currently there is no injection-moulded kit available of this aircraft, with the only option being the Welsh Models Vacform. I already had the -200 kit and conversion parts in the stash so went for it!

The base-model -200 fuselage has had Braz’s resin plugs inserted forward and aft of the wing to lengthen the fuselage to that of the -300. Contrails’ raked wingtips were added, along with much modified GE90-115B engines as I felt the shape wasn’t quite right. Some cutting, filling and sanding soon sorted that problem, though. I used Milliput in an attempt to sort the incorrectly shaped nose profile with limited success. A tail skid was made from plastic card and Evergreen strip, and once painted, DrawDecals’ sheet finished the job.

All in all a fairly straight-forward build, but the imminent release from Zvezda will likely make this conversion obsolete in the not-too-distant future.


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6 responses to 1/144th Boeing 777-306ER ‘KLM’

  1. Another great airliner!
    Again, a great paintjob and just the right sheen to it.

  2. As Ulf has said, its a great looking airliner ! Well done.

  3. The Triple 7: a graceful beast. You’ve done her up proud.

    Great work, Thomas

  4. Thomas,
    Agai n my compliments on a great build.

  5. After all those fantastic 1/32 works of art, did you have to wear magnifiers to do this marvelous model? 🙂

  6. Being a Dutchmen, these models are very much to my likings. Be aware, they are working in close harmony with Air France. We had gossip, that Air France wanted to put their hands in the Dutch KLM cash register.
    KLM keep a close watch on this coöperation.
    The model is “STUNNING”

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