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Academy P-38J 1/72

March 30, 2015 in Aviation

This is a 2009 build. I was still finishing in semi-gloss back then, and didn’t do much weathering – just some turbo exhaust and fuel stains, no panel wash or other shading/weathering.

I thought the rocket launcher tubes were interesting so added them, although I always think of the P-38 as a fighter vs. a ground attack aircraft (I wouldn’t have added them but I have another P-38 in the stash, so…).

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10 responses to Academy P-38J 1/72

  1. Very nice build….especially in that scale.

  2. I like the bazooka tubes on your P-38. Well done on a nice looking Lightning.

  3. Greg, one of my favorite aircraft. I think the only time I’ve seen bazooka tubes on the aircraft is one flown by the Twin Dragons, in the CBI. I agree it looks unique, being they are on the nacelle, not under the wings, really unusual.

  4. Certainly representative of the type, and nice detailing in 1/72.

  5. Very nice. I didn’t know they ever had the bazooka… Awesome.

  6. Beautiful job, different paint scheme for a Lightning.

  7. Nice build.
    The bazooka’s give me an idea for a model refit I’m doing now, thanks for the inspiration.

  8. Nicely done. I like the angled plexi base. Very old-school.

  9. Splendid P-38 Greg, its a beautiful build. Nice and clean.

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