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Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do17z (reveal)

March 22, 2015 in Aviation

The completed model of Airfix’s newly moulded Dornier Do17 which was voted for the Keep Calm and Vote Wisely

Have to admit I really enjoyed building this and am surprised at the level of detail involved with the kit. However the cockpit as some fitting problems with the seats
This aircraft ‘5K+AR’ is now at Cosford under restoration, after being recovered from the Goodwin Sands in Dover. The painting is one that I did for my art project of ‘aviation’ showing the final moments of 5K+AR

Have to ask about the Italeri’s 1/48 Fiat Cr42 which other people voted for – which markings?
Italian or Hungarian? (Tempted Hungarian)

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23 responses to Airfix 1/72 Dornier Do17z (reveal)

  1. Nicely done Michael, I wish I could get things built quicker.

  2. Mike, go with the Hungarian. Particularly if it’s the triangle type, which they are using nowadays, again. (like on the Eduard weekend MIG-21bis)
    Your DO-17Z is really well done. The detail is amazing for the scale. Love that full bomb bay!
    After seeing your original post(s) on it, I managed to find one and buy it.
    It even has crew!

    • Thanks Bernard, yeah it is the Hungarian triangle one, its the Italeri falco aces one. As for the Do17 I have to mention it has very good detail in the bomb bay and also does feature pilots but thought it would spoil the view of the cockpit once completed

  3. Detail, paint & weathering are exceptional, Michael….nice work.

  4. Very very nice. Great job. 🙂

  5. Airfix is definitely The Company To Watch this year.

    Nice model indeed.

  6. Michael,
    Absolutely gorgeous. A great build.

  7. A beautiful rendition of the “Flying Pencil.” Your artwork is equally impressive. Well done!!!

  8. Nice model. Wish someone did a decent 17z in 1/48.

    • ICM has a nightfighter version in 1/48th, and I suspect they will modify the molds to do just that.
      I haven’t heard anything from anyone who is building one, and ICM can be hit or miss, sometimes.
      Interesting choices, however.
      I’ve seen kits released recently that I’d never have believed I’d EVER see.

  9. Michael – love the model. Nice finish and weathering – not over done. Great touch!

  10. Lovely Dornier, Michael. Looking good with all the detail work, well done !
    -Hungarian 🙂

  11. Nice work in this scale, Michael.

  12. That’s a nice job Michael, looks like it came out quite well

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