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battle damaged elco pt boat

March 19, 2015 in Ships

this is the revell 1/72 scale pt-109 kit i saw some pics of three different damaged pt boats in a few pt boat reference books i have and mixed the damages from each boat together in one model

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2 responses to battle damaged elco pt boat

  1. Mike, ouch! Makes me cringe, looking at it.
    I know the hull was mahogany, was the deckhouse?
    I’d guess it’s abandon ship time, huh? Down by the head, for sure!
    Good old Revell! Sure have given a lot of us a lot of pleasure.

  2. the deckhouse was made from wood to
    ands yes revell has given has givin me alot of pleasure with this kit
    i am planing 4 more pt boats right now

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