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Ferris camo F-14 Tomcat

March 7, 2015 in Aviation

Monogram’s ‘old’ 1/48th scale boxing. I had started doing one of these a few weeks back, but the upper/bottom fuselage(s) were majorly misaligned. Jim Sullivan to the rescue once again. He had an old kit that was partially started and incomplete which he generously sent me.
I cobbled together enough of the two kits to [finally] finish one good one. OK…maybe not so “good”. This is the final installment of my Heater-Ferris splinter camouflage paint schemes. Not exactly done as seen in some photos, but close enough for me.

5 additional images. Click to enlarge

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27 responses to Ferris camo F-14 Tomcat

  1. That’s a nice mate for the Abrahamson-Ferris paint scheme you did on your F-4. That Tomcat turned out quite nicely in spite of the problem with the original kit fuselage warping. What a coincidence that I had that old Monogram kit sitting around in an open box for about 25 years. My son had started that model and lost interest when he discovered girls….can you imagine that? It sat on a shelf for years gathering dust. I’m delighted that you were able to complete your Tomcat with that bottom fuselage half. Looks mighty fine.

    • Thanks, Jim….I actually had to use both the top AND bottom fuselage(s) you provided. I might have been able to use either the top or the bottom of the original, but I just chucked ’em both and started over.

  2. The Monogram Tomcat is still a great kit. I really like the cockpit, particularly the seats. The splinter camo almost makes it look like one of the Persian Cats from the Iranian Air Force. Too bad we can’t just go there to see one fly again. I miss the sight of a Tomcat at an airshow. Perhaps someday clearer heads will prevail, but until then, there’s always the footage from Top Gun.

    • When “Top Gun” first came out, I couldn’t WAIT to see it. Now……it’s one of the most corniest movies I’ve ever seen. The same thing goes for “Days of Thunder”.

      • Son. if you want CORNY, “Pearl Harbor” takes the golden raspberry. Shucks, if I was a P-40 pilot, I’d go to England and fly with the RAF on some bizarre intradepartmental transfer. Then, I’d come back in time to see and fly against the Jap attack, and then I’d switch to bombers and fly with Dolittle. All the time!
        Shades of Dave Dawson, if anyone remembers that series of juvenile books in the 40s. Actually, juvenile covers it.

        • Oh….I agree – the list is endless. In ALL genres.

          • Yeah. I pretty much just watch it for the flying sequences. Everything is shot just right with exciting camera angles and no CGI. Too bad they couldn’t have gotten some real Soviet equipment to star opposite the Tomcat, but things were not as they are today with MiG-29s and Su-27s on the US civil register!

  3. Great looking Tomcat. It looks even more deadly in the Ferris scheme. I built this kit in the early 90’s and finished it in VF 111 colours. Typical Monogram kit that requires a lot of elbow grease and TLC. Well done!!!

  4. Fantastic mate, I love this camo scheme!

    • Thank you, Simon…1) light base coat 2) mask off whatever ya think looks right and spray the blue 3) mask once again and shoot the dark – no effort at all. 🙂 As with most painting procedures, it takes ten times as long to prepare as it does for actual painting. 🙁

  5. I don’t know what it is but I like it! Never saw that type of paint scheme before but it looks great.

  6. Nicely done Craig, like the rest of them.

  7. Actually, I like Heater-Ferris, shame it didn’t get fleetwide. It really adds something to any airframe its on.
    This is a real beauty, as are the others.
    Gonna do an F5E adversary? Or an A4? Make a nice flightline display, miniMiramar.

  8. That Ferris scheme really suits the Tomcat, Craig, and has brought an old kit right up to date.

  9. looks great…your a man building all those monogram jets so fast

  10. Your Ferris scheme builds are always a joy to look at, really nice, like that 🙂

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