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“For the Motherland” (Reprise)

March 17, 2015 in Figures

This is Stalingrad Miniatures’ 1/35 resin vignette of a Russian soldier and orphan, in WW2. I bought the pair for a large, Russian-based dio, “For the Motherland”, but then decided not to use them, and just put them away in primer state a couple of months ago.

I think the reason for not using them was that they are depicted wearing winter gear, and the diorama was more autumn-linked. However, as I had a little time yesterday, I decided to complete the painting exercise, and by simply changing the colour palettte, they no longer appeared at odds with the rest of the main composition.

Now that they’re complete, I may well revisit the diorama to see if they’ve earned their place after all.

The final image is a well-known archive photo presumably used by SM as inspiration for the work.

6 additional images. Click to enlarge

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20 responses to “For the Motherland” (Reprise)

  1. A very impressive subject for the miniature. Nicely painted, well done!

  2. Very nice!! The photo taken during the war depicts a heart warming scene that you have captured very well indeed.

  3. Great work there Rob. I love the results you get with your figure painting. Well done.

    • Cheers, Gregor. Unfortunately, the macro lens can be pretty unforgiving, but when viewed naturally with Mark 1 Eyeball it looks OK, certainly in the setting it’s modelled for.

  4. You have “the touch”, Rob !

  5. Good work, Rob….I have a whole lotta military figures thrown in a baggie. How much you charge to paint ’em all for me? 🙂

  6. Great work!

    Best regards, Vlad.

  7. Rob
    Unusual subject, well executed. The first military figure I recall viewing on here with a “burp gun”.

  8. Outstanding ! Great paint job as always, Rob 🙂

  9. Nice work as usual Rob.
    Figure painting is an art form in its self.
    Well done mate.

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