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Fürstenfeldbrucker Modellbautage

March 29, 2015 in Show Reports

A scale modeling fair in Munich area. Excellent models, dedicated people, beautiful location – the former granary of a baroque monastery.
Note: the Focke Wulf in winter camouflage is a test shot of Revell’s new 1:32 kit.

28 additional images. Click to enlarge

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17 responses to Fürstenfeldbrucker Modellbautage

  1. Great looking show, Love the shot of the kid looking at the 190.

    • Right-on, Rob. The kid is the future of our hobby….clearly, he’s fascinated with the model.

      Great batch of photos….not a clinker in the bunch. All good.

  2. The B-17 was a stick out for me. Great photos – thanks for sharing.

  3. Great stuff I love the truck, I so respect those who can build such things!

  4. Great photo`s Halvar.
    Looks like a lot of grand builds there.

  5. Fw 190F8 Red 2 in winter scheme is one of them of my bucket list. This list getting longer day after day:)

  6. Some outstanding talent(s) on display there, Halvar….thanks for sharing them with us.

  7. I guess excellent modeling skills knows no boundries, a great set of photos.

  8. Some really nice models there.
    Photographing at shows can be tricky, but your pics look great,
    Hats off!

    • Many thanks, Ulf.
      Quite surprising, as they are all taken with the smart phone camera. Amazing quality that you get there in the meantime, allowing even some playing around with depth of focus.

  9. Grüß Gott aus Kanada. My first job building models professionally was in an architecture office in Germany…20 years ago! I was amazed then as I am now how much kit building as a kid has helped me as an adult.

  10. Great pics from superb builds, many talents there, thanks for sharing

  11. What does furstenfeldbruck (sorry about the umlauts) mean?
    I see field and bridge, but what does the whole say?
    Seems to me there was a USAF base thereabouts at some point?

    • Bernard,
      it basically says Bridge At The Prince’s Field but at the end of the day it’s just a name. In fact there is an air field in Fürstenfeldbruck and e.g. Jagdgeschwader 53 which you know from the ace of spades on German aircraft was stationed there for a while. Later in fact USAF flew missions from Fürstenfeldbruck.

  12. Thanks, Halvar! I suppose the Prince is long gone? Sic transit gloria mundi.

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