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Hobby Boss 1/48th F4F Wildcat

This being only my second attempt at the tri-color scheme, it was a little more difficult that the first (Eduard’s F6F Hellcat), due to the smaller size, and the plethora of mistakes are all too evident. Trying to correctly mask when using spray cans is, shall we say, a bit tricky. Especially when trying to achieve a feathered edge. By the way, the antenna mast was turned around [the right way] and EZ line added subsequent to the photo op. All things being said, that little matter didn’t help the overall appearance. Oh well….live and learn.

7 additional images. Click to enlarge.

15 responses to Hobby Boss 1/48th F4F Wildcat

  1. This their late Wildcat, they have an early one, as well?
    Been meaning to get their FM-2, he one with the taller tail, among other changes.
    The tricolor looks good.
    Dauntless up next?

  2. I now see that this is a dash-4, the earlier ones I mentioned (dash-3s) have the 4 gun wings, this has the 6. Some of the old hands thought 6 guns wasn’t an improvement.

  3. The plane looks good, did you air brush this model?

  4. Very nice there Craig. Good modeling.
    California Steve

  5. Nice little Wildcat,Craig. Masking is always tricky.

  6. Very nice. Great build. 🙂

  7. It takes skill to make rattle can paintjobs look good. You have mastered that skill pretty well Craig!!!

  8. Looks pretty good to me. An accurate tri-color scheme is a challenge with an airbrush much less with a rattle can. Always nice to see a tri-color Navy bird.

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