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Hurricane Mk.IIc (Smer/Heller 1/72)

March 11, 2015 in Aviation

This model is my tribute to the good old times of modeling. This kit is from 70s – originally Heller and now it’s produced by Smer with some additions (decals and PE parts). Quality is still good but detail level is totally outdated, so I had to do some work starting from removing raised panel lines, scratch building main wheel bay and cockpit, landing lights and so on – if you’re interested you can read a full story here –

Thank you for watching and for following WIP thread! Hope you’ll enjoy this Hurri.

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22 responses to Hurricane Mk.IIc (Smer/Heller 1/72)

  1. Great job on my favorite Hurricane-always favored the MkIIc

  2. excellent work, Dmitry. You turned that old bird into a work of art. Not an easy task.

  3. I concur…..very nice work in that (or any) scale – nicely photographed as well.

  4. Like the others have said, a very nice looking Hurricane, definitely worth all the work you put into building it.

  5. Beautiful. Love the Hurricane, this is a beauty. Well done.

  6. Excellent. Well done Dmitry.

  7. Very nice and colourful model! I’ll use it as an example for my Revell 1/72 Hurricane!

  8. Nice paint !
    some details overscale but NICE!!!
    my children time best kit im build a 5-10.Heller/šmer


  9. A very nice build Dmitry.
    A fine Hurricane.
    Well done mate.

  10. Most excellent work! As a fellow 1/72 scale modeler, I love to see such detail put into a subject. And your finish work (paint/shading/weathering) is excellent as well! I’m inspired!

  11. Great job Dmitry , this was my first Hurricane kit way back when it was new . You did a great job with the old girl .

  12. Excellent work, I can’t imagine how much work you put into bringing this oldie to life. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Dimity,
    What else can I add. This gorgeous m
    No you are a master

  14. Outstanding Hurricane, Dimitry. The best Heller Hurri, i have seen so far.

  15. Personally, always preferred Hurricanes to Spitfires (It’s a kind of Beatles/Stones thing.), and you’ve certainly done justice to this blast from the past. Also very good with radio wire that it’s actually in scale.

  16. I think the above comments say it all, but that is an impressive build, especially on a small scale.

  17. AWESOME Dimitry. You did an amazing job on this Hurricane!!!

  18. I like your take on this classic very much! I’ve had one moulded in black plastic but never got around to build it before it was handed to a friend’s son as his first model!



  19. Thank you for your attention to my work! And for your very, very positive comments too!

  20. i’ve just read throught the work-in-progress section of this plane…awesome work, you could be really proud about it! and you built it from a smer kit…i started hobby with smer and kp kits, i know what a pain sometimes to build something acceptable from these boxes…:)

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