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IAF : Mirage III CJ

March 28, 2015 in Aviation

Eduard 1/48 kit… new set of paint “Mig IAF colors”, but I change green .
No problem for building french plane with IAF colors !

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10 responses to IAF : Mirage III CJ

  1. Hi Olivier, stunning build and superb finish on the bird, keep up the great work. Let’s see more.

    Regards Steve.

  2. Nice build mate, very colourful!

  3. Very striking aircraft. Unusual markings, but as you say perfectly acceptable for IDF machines.

  4. Nice clean build, the yellow panels seem to cancel out the camo paint appearence.

  5. Olivier,
    Outstanding. I love it

  6. Love the IAF color schemes. Not sure what they were after with those big bright triangles, but they sure make for a nice “high visibility” bird!

    Nice build – thanks for sharing!

  7. Awesome Mirage, Olivier. Very colorful, well done.

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