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mchale’s pt-73 from 97 mchale’s navy movie

March 11, 2015 in Ships

i started with the revell 1/72 pt-109 kit and scratch built the rest, the guns came from my parts box
the grey primer on the hull came out to dark for it to be that acurate to movie hull color

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5 responses to mchale’s pt-73 from 97 mchale’s navy movie

  1. How many Revell 1/72nd PT boats do you HAVE….??!!

  2. Hi Mike,
    Job well done. I have not seen the movie, but can clearly see the joy you had in putting this together.

  3. thanks dirk and i did have fun

  4. i had to redo the bridge /pilot house the other day to make it almost more acurate to the movie

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