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1/35 Revell T-34/76 1943

April 21, 2015 in Armor

I think the model is Zvezda reboxing by Revell and Figures from Miniart. I know the figures look somewhat shiny. I painted them one night before the modeling contest and after that I neglected them. For the curious souls who wants to know what’s written on the turret, it says “My other tank is Sherman”. I’m very sorry for the cheezy humor.

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12 responses to 1/35 Revell T-34/76 1943

  1. Hehe! Great idea with the writing 😀

  2. Females,
    Another fine job.

  3. Gabor, Craig and Frank thank you guys for your kind words and looking at my work.

  4. Excellent. Love the weathered appearance and the base presentation – well done.

  5. Yes also a favourite subject of mine. These Russian tanks have a no-nonsense look about them. Figures look natural in the vignette, and as you say might be better with a coat of matte varnish to take down the shine, but good effort.

  6. Thank you Gregor and Rob!

  7. Two fish in a tank, one says to the other, so any idea how to drive this thing?

    That’s my best tank joke anyway. Sorry
    Nice armor by the way!

  8. Get a stick of white or yellow chalk, scrape the chalk with an Exacto blade so you have a powder. Brush the powder on the figures, it should take care of most of the shine. Great job on the tank!

  9. Very nicely done. “My other tank is Sherman” – GREAT humour! Love it!

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