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April 28, 2015 in Aviation

This aircraft is a member of 133. squadron, 3. Main Jet Base Group Command, KONYA-TURKEY.
This is an upgraded jet training aircraft before F-16 AND F-4 Squadrons. Fuselage same with classic F-5 but cockpit and avionics mostly different. Konya is the one of the sunny area of Turkey. Thats why the color of the F-5s are damaged by sun.
I used Aires F-5E detail set for upgraded cockpit but not meet the requirement for new F-5-2000 cockpit.
Landing gear bays are Aires F-5E detail set. I also added some hydraulic line from some wire.
Pilot from PJ Production.
New F-5 seat MARTIN BAKER MK16 is scratch build.
SUU-20 training pod is from Hasegawa.
Kinetic kit is nice. Almost no building problem.
All colors from Vallejo.

Best regards

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37 responses to F-5A-2000 “TURKISH AIR FORCE” KINETIC 1/48

  1. Expertly weathered and detailed, Ugur… of the best I’ve seen. And the photographs are very professionally presented. Nice work all around. I like it a lot.

  2. Nice work Ugur, some great fading effects onthe paint job.
    Good pics to sir.

  3. Ugur this is by far the best F 5 model I have seen!!! The weathering is SUPERB.Well done!!!

  4. Very nice. Definitely looks like a well-weathered and faded aircraft!

  5. Really Really Nice build and superbly weathered Ugur very well done!!

  6. Nice work Ugur, really like the scheme.

  7. Ugur,
    I add my compliments also. Very well done.

  8. Greetings :
    That is one very nice Freedom Fighter, sharp and with a scheme and nationality not too often seen. Nice weathering and very keen photography.
    It is a pleasure to watch … thank you for sharing the images.

  9. Very convincing finish on this, Ulgur, and it makes a nice change to have a pilot figure as well.

  10. A really nice one! I like the weathering a lot!

    Best regards


  11. Lovely work Ugur. Especially the under surfaces & wheel wells. Nice photographs too.

  12. Beautiful model! Nice weathering and a good pilot figure!

  13. Now this is very good! Thumbs up mate.

  14. Beautiful build, great weathering, very convincing, Ugur !

  15. Hi Ugur,

    The same verdict as your KC-135.
    It is a pleasure to look at your models.
    What are you currently working on?

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