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furious 7 movie scene diorama 1

April 11, 2015 in Diorama

this is 1/25 scale
the wrecked charger is modified 69 charger body with a resin 70 charger grille

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4 responses to furious 7 movie scene diorama 1

  1. I’ve seen your boats and cars – you ever do any airplanes….? I’d be interested to see what THEY look like.

  2. i dont build the planes that much i dont know that much about them other then they fly and that crashing is bad i do build star trek ships i have built jimmy buffet’s plane the hemisphere dancer

  3. Mike keep up the good work and don’t stop posting. The Furious 7 movie what a franchise the movie that wouldn’t die. Chargers used to be famed for the “Dukes of Hazard” another cartoon series of mindless entertain. But ,the car or cars as in plural were really the star of the series.

  4. thanks i am a hardcore fan of the fast and furious franchise movies i go to see them in the theaters several times buy the movies and soundtracks when they are release i try to collect every thing that is offical movie merchandice for the movies i was devestated when paul walker was killed

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